Case Studies

Since 2011, diverse clients from sectors such as tourism, industrial machinery, healthcare, consumer goods, education, food & beverage, and more have trusted our seo services. We empower these businesses to bridge the gap from offline to online, amplifying sales and unveiling new market opportunities.

Our SEO Client Case Study #1 Medical Industry

Duration: August 2021 ~ August 2023 (2 Years)

Client: Medical Industry

Start SEO: Since 2021

Our Approach:
Initiating our SEO optimization in the first quarter of 2021, we began with daily traffic under 30 visitors. Now, we've ramped that up to an estimated 80 daily visitors.

ROI Insights:
For a modest budget under RM800 per month, we've drawn nearly 2,500 organic visitors to the site, and these numbers continue to climb. It's a known fact that leads from organic searches typically have a higher conversion rate. Based on the chart, a substantial 69.9% of visitors are sourced from organic SEO.

Our SEO Client Case Study #2 Resort & Hotel Industry

Duration: 18th Jan 2023 ~ 1st July 2023 (1 Year)

Client: Resort & Hotel Industry

Start SEO: Since December 2022

Our Strategy:
We commenced our optimization by focusing on high-traffic keywords, aiming to attract a greater number of leads. Even in the face of intense keyword competition, we've managed to position our results on the first page of search outcomes.

Success Highlights:
Within a brief span of 3-6 months, we've escalated from 1 booking per week to an average of 1 booking daily. This remarkable uptick underscores the significance of search engine optimization. The chart reveals that an impressive 57.9% of visitors come through organic SEO.

Our SEO Client Case Study #3 Niche Market & Products

Duration: 1st Jan 2022 ~ 1st July 2023

Client: Niche Market & Products

Start SEO: Since November 2021

Our Strategy:
Initially, this website had no visibility on search engines; not a single keyword was ranked. We undertook thorough keyword research and began optimizing for high-traffic keywords. As of now, all 10 target keywords have ascended to the first page. Our ongoing mission is to stabilize and cement their top positions through consistent monthly maintenance.

ROI and Brand Building:
We've successfully positioned all 10 keywords on the search results' first page. Beyond that, we've significantly elevated their niche product brand's presence. The data is clear: a considerable 73% of visitors are derived from organic SEO, as illustrated in the chart.

Our SEO Client Case Study #4 Oil & Gas Industry

Duration: 5th October 2022 ~ 1st July 2023

Client: Oil & Gas Industry

Start SEO: Since 2022

Our Approach:
We initiated our optimization efforts by targeting high-traffic keywords, encompassing both the brand name and specific product terms of the industry. In a span of less than six months, we've catapulted 80% of these keywords to the first page of search results. For a clearer perspective, the rising trend can be viewed in the accompanying graph.

ROI Highlights:
Harnessing the full potential of niche and brand-specific keywords promises to funnel a substantial volume of traffic to the site, capturing both long-tail and concise keywords. The data is undeniable: an astounding 87.7% of the visitors are channeled through organic SEO, as depicted in the chart.

Our SEO Client Case Study #5 Diesel & Oil Supplier

Duration: 1st July 2022 ~ 1st July 2023

Client: Diesel & Oil Supplier

Start SEO: Since 2018

Our Methodology:
We embarked on a complete website transformation to ensure it's tailored for search engine compatibility. Zeroing in on 10 high-traffic keywords, which includes their flagship products and high-revenue-generating items, we've marked a significant achievement. In under six months, we've secured first-page rankings for 9 out of these 10 pivotal keywords.

ROI Insight:
The competitive landscape varies with each keyword, but our strategies have consistently delivered — placing all targeted keywords within the coveted top 3 positions on the first page. The chart tells the story: a remarkable 78.8% of site visitors are directed via organic SEO.

Our SEO Client Case Study #6 Renovation Industry

Duration: 1st Jan 2019 ~ 31st Dec 2019 (1 Year)
Total User: 5428
Total Organic User: 4558
Total Pageviews: 13816

Client: Renovation & Interior Industry

Start SEO: Since 2017

What We Do:
We design websites with our SEO expertise seamlessly integrated. As a result, not only do these sites rank on the 1st page for all 10 targeted keywords, but several additional keywords also achieve that coveted 1st-page position.

We successfully attracted 4,558 new visitors to this website.

Return On Investment:
If we effectively capture the interest of 2~5% of the 4,558 online users and convert them, this translates to an estimated 91 to 228 customers each year.

Our SEO Client Case Study #7 Property Agent Website

Duration: 1st January 2020 ~ 10th April 2020 (3 Months)

Client: Property Agent Niche Website

Package: SEO Customize Package + Quarantee Monthly Enquiry

Start SEO: Since January 2020

What We Do:
We designed a one-page website with an opt-in form for our client who specializes in property sales in Kuala Lumpur. The site has already achieved 1st-page rankings for several property-related keywords, and we're continually refining our strategies to rank additional keywords on the first page.

From the initial three-month report, we estimate that his website attracted 357 visitors. This traffic not only led to several conversions but also resulted in more than 10 property owners reaching out for rental listings. Additionally, a few potential buyers contacted him, eager to find valuable property deals.

Screenshot Enquiry From Customer

Screenshot Enquiry From Customer

Screenshot Enquiry From Customer

Our SEO Client Case Study #8 Office Equipment Supplier

Total User: 13,057
Total Organic User: 9,908 (76%)

Client: Office Equipment Industry

Package: SEO Gold Plan

Start SEO: Since 2012

What We Do:
We crafted an online catalog system, incorporating all product SKUs. They began with our SEO silver package (10 keywords) in 2012 and later transitioned to the gold package (20 keywords) to broaden their keyword reach and optimize ROI. This move led to a surge in online inquiries, an influx of new dealers, and a boost in offline walk-in customers.

According to our report, over 20 keywords have achieved 1st-page rankings on search engines.

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68% of Traffic from SEO
Baby Products
Organic Traffic Can Build Your Branding & Increase Direct Visitors
90% of Traffic from SEO
Interior Services Industry
83.9% of Sales from SEO
Industrial Furniture Products
84% of Traffic from SEO
Refrigerator Products (Niche Products)
80% of Traffic from SEO
Education Industry
89% of Traffic from SEO
Furniture Products
83.9% of Traffic from SEO
Renovation Industry
82% of Traffic from SEO
Compressor Motor (Niche Products)
89% of Traffic from SEO
Office Automation Products
55% of Traffic from SEO
Machinery & Tools Retail Store
Organic Traffic Can Build Your Branding & Increase Direct Visitors
69% of Traffic from SEO
Events Industry
84% of Traffic from SEO
Industrial Products (Niche Products)
76% of Traffic from SEO
Office Supply Industry
81.5% of Traffic from SEO
Water Treatment Industry
65% of Sales from SEO
Entertainment Industry
67% of Traffic from SEO
Niche Furniture (Niche Products)